How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire?

Recently, there has been a buzz around regarding the progression of work for Android 4 port for the Ice Cream Sandwich for Kindle Fire. Now, there has been news concerning the port is already released to the public and they could use it now. You can mainly check the info, so as the guides of installation for your Kindle Fire.

Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire

Such news came up from Liliputing, which is a site known for covering the mobile products as well as the technology behind them. It is in the mode of discussing the port and on how to go for installing them. The only thing is that, Redmond Pie would never be responsible, once you have lost your data or your Kindle has been damaged for following the guide. You can simply proceed at your very own risk.

Before pursuing, there are some things that you have to meet up. The first thing needs to be that your Kindle Fire has to be rooted. Another thing that you have to consider is by installing the TWRP 2.0, which is a touch-based Kindle Fire custom recovery. You could even help yourself of rooting up the Fire and check the guide for TWRP installation. The last thing that you need to do is by understanding that it could be buggy and of uneven construction. It’s not ready for an everyday use and you have to stay out from it, not unless you are a developer who simply knows the step of fixing up the bugs or risk comprehension and for knowing how to fix up your device. Here are the steps that you have to consider:

• First step- you need to download the Experimental Build of the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and then transfer it up to the source of the external storage of your Kindle Fire. After then, you could flash it later on.

• Second step- the next step that you have to do is by shutting down your Kindle. When it is turned off completely, you can then tap the power key in order to switch it on. Whenever you see the display, you can press and hold up the power button until it is boot up into the TWRP.

• Third Step- you have to take some backup from the backup section right on TWRP. If you are thinking about backing up your current state, everything will be light and easy on your part.

• Fourth step- you can then wipe everything from the TWRP just like the wipe cache, date reset and the Dalvik cache.

• Fifth step- you can then tap the install button and choose the file that you have transferred for your Kindle Fire from the first step once you have chosen the tap flash.

• Sixth step- if you take up the main menu, you can start rebooting the system.

Your Kindle Fire would now be booting for the best experimental build of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich if you only know how to follow and understand the step properly.

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