Install iOS 8 Beta in Simple Steps

iOS 8 was introduced Yesterday and by the looks of it, it will certainly be an amazing operating system that will serve Apple customers well. However, the software hasn’t been officially released yet, but thankfully you can start using it right away by installing the iOS 8 Beta. Keep in mind, that this version may lack some features and there is a huge possibility that there will be some minor bugs and issues that will eventually be resolved by the Apple developers and engineers. But enough small talk, let’s get on with the topic – How to Install the iOS 8 Beta? The first thing you need is an Apple Developer account which will cost you $99 for an 1-year subscription.

After you sign up for this account you can start following the steps below:

1. Open the iOS Developer center and download the latest version of iOS 8

  • Back up all your data because it will be wiped during the installation process. The quickest way to do this is to use your iCloud account, because it will completely automate the process
  • The next step is to open the Apple developer center and login with your account. After you enter your account you’ll see two tabs – iOS 8 Beta and iOS 7 SDK. Naturally, you won’t to select the iOS 8 Beta tab.
  • After you select the iOS 8 Beta you have to choose the device you are using – iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and the exact model.
  • Keep in mind that the download is pretty big – iOS 8 Beta for the iPhone 5S is 1.8GB in size.
  • When the download is complete you have to unzip the file in order to proceed with the installation.

2. Open iTunes on Your Computer

  • Plugin your device using the Lightning Cable and startup iTunes on the computer. Make sure that the installation file for the iOS 8 Beta is already present on the computer.
  • After you open iTunes you need to select the name of your iPhone located in the topright corner.
  • Next, press the Option Key and choose “Check for Update”
  • Browse to the iOS 8 file you downloaded and unzipped, and select it.

3. Install the Beta

  • The last step is to actually install the update. Keep I mind that Apple have a very strict verification process, so if you’ve downloaded the update from a place different than the Apple Developer center you may face some problems. If your software is legitimate, then the installation should go smoothly.
  • When you select the installation file, the iTunes application will automatically extract the files to your iPhone and start the installation of iOS 8.

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