iOS 8.4 Released – Bugs, Jailbreak & Exciting Features

IOS 8.4 was recently released and we have been hearing user opinions ever since. Of course, we could expect the occasional bug that usually accompanies new releases, and iOS 8.4 isn’t an exception. Users have already reported a number of small issues, but thankfully most of them can easily be fixed in a couple of minutes. Furthermore, the latest version of iOS is already jailbroken, so jailbreak users can finally make the most out of their Apple devices.

ios 8.4

Fixes & Features of iOS 8.4; What is Exciting?

One of the new features introduced in iOS 8.4 is Apple Music. This application allows users to create fully customizable playlists, as well as to assign pictures to playlists. Furthermore, it improves the way iOS handles album artwork, and therefore makes it easier for users to arrange their music content.

The iOS 8.4 version runs smoothly on all Apple devices, but some users are complaining that the new update significantly decreased the battery life of their devices. According to Apple, this shouldn’t be seen as a major issue, and it should be automatically resolved when the devices adjust to the new firmware installed. In the meantime, users experiencing this problem might want to take a closer look at the applications running on their mobile devices, and eliminate the ones that may be using too much system resources.

Several users report that their device failed to connect to Wi-Fi networks after it was updated to iOS 8.4. Apple experts advise users suffering from this problem to reset their Wi-Fi’s settings. This can be done by navigating to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind that by doing so you’ll remove all saved connection passwords.

As for jailbreak users, TaiG’s jailbreak was officially released just hours after Apple users received the iOS 8.4 update. The latest version of the Jailbreak Tool Version features a new fix for personal security, as well as support for iOS 8.4. The latest version of TaiG’s jailbreak tool can be downloaded from the author’s official website.

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