iOS 8 Review; Everything You Want to Know

Apple’s iOS 8 is right around the corner and soon we’ll have a chance to get our hands on the official release of this operating system. The new version was officially announced a few weeks ago, and there is much to discuss regarding the new optimizations, features and extras introduced in the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple has dramatically changed their approach for iOS 8 and we’ll see some very new and interesting features introduced in the latest version. In this iOs8 review we’ll discuss some of the most important innovations that we’ll be able to take advantage of thanks to iOS 8.

iOS 8

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New Exciting Features

There are several important new features that we’ll see in iOS 8. Some of them will be very useful, while others are barely noticeable and their magic will happen in the background in order to improve user experience. In this part of our post we’ll discuss the newest innovations in iOS’ security, flexibility, convenience and functionality.

Send Last Locations

This interesting feature will significantly improve the security of your Apple device. We already know about the Find my iPhone function which automatically sends the location of your device, locks it with a password, and erases all the data on it. The new feature will minimize the chance of losing your phone – basically, when your battery is at critical level, the device will send its last known location to your iCloud account and will save it there. This way you’ll have a higher chance to find your phone in case it gets lost.

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Shazam Integration

Shazam has quickly become one of the most popular applications for smartphones. In iOS 8 it will be seamlessly integrated with Siri and you’ll be able to identify songs much quicker than before. Just fire up Siri, say “What song is playing” and your device will launch Shazam and identify the song.

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Credit Card Scanning

Purchasing stuff online usually requires you to enter a whole lot of credit card information. With iOS 8 you’ll be able to avoid this tedious task by taking advantage of the new credit card scanning function integrated in Safari. Thanks to it you can photograph your card and the device will automatically take the necessary data (credit card number, expiration date, etc.)

Wi-Fi Calling

Undisputedly one of the most desired features of iOS 8. Thanks to it you can connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and place calls via this connection. This feature will come in handy if your signal is low, or if you are having a trouble with your carrier.

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Control Battery Usage

In the Settings menu of iOS 8 you’ll find a new option that gives you information about the battery drainage of various applications. This way you can shut down the apps that are draining your battery, but you don’t need.

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Real Time Talk-To-Type

The talk-to-type feature is pretty interesting, but until now we had to speak a whole sentence before the application turned it into text. With iOS 8 the application will write as you speak, meaning that you’ll see the text in real time.

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Other Changes & Features

Many of the current applications of iOS 7 will be revamped to offer more features, and better user experience. Siri is the department in which we’ll see the best and most major changes.

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Improved Siri

The newest version of Siri will surprise the consumers with dramatically improved voice recognition that will show you what the program is hearing as you speak. Users will be able to activate Siri remotely by simply saying “Hey Siri”, so hands free activation is now possible. Last, but not least, you can command Siri to download apps from the App Store.

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Smart Photo Albums

You’ll be able to quickly hide videos and pictures from your albums, so privacy will no longer be a problem. iOS 8 will also introduce richer options in terms of arranging photos, so users can now quickly find the photos they are looking for. The Photos app will also introduce a new and improved editing interface that will give access to richer options.

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New Camera Extras

The camera department has seen lots of improvements as well. We’ll now be able to use the time-lapse photography mode which was introduced on many other smartphones. Thanks to this mode, you can take multiple photos in a short amount of time and use them to create a fancy time-lapse video. iPads with iOS 8 on the other hand will now have access to panoramic mode which was missing in past versions. Focus and exposure controls will now be two separate things, so we’ll have better control over our pictures.

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The changes are numerous, but we tried to sum up the most important ones. iOS 8 will also introduce several accessibility improvements, new design features, better looking icons, optimized menus, faster & better Safari, better iCloud integration, a new & improved Health app that will turn your device into an excellent fitness tracker, and many other intriguing features that will be available in the palm of your hand as soon as Apple release the iOS 8 for your iPhone or iPad.

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