iPad Mini Review – Everything You Want to Know About!

After the successful launch of the iPad Air, Apple has come up with another exciting addition to their plethora of funky gadgets. The first feature most consumers have noticed about the all new iPad Mini is its steep price, being precisely $70 more than its predecessor. With that said no one can deny the fact that Apple is one of the few manufacturers left in the game who can afford to hike the prices and still not lose any customers.

iPad Mini

Available for a price tag of $399, the all new iPad Mini poses stiff competition to cheaper tablets offered by the likes of Google and Amazon. iPad Mini is considered to be so special because it outdoes the last year’s model in terms of display and processing speed. When you think of it, the previous model was nothing more than a slightly smaller version of Apple iPad 2, while the technology it used in display and processing had been overrun by better versions even before its launch. Let’s see what is new for you this time in iPad Mini review here!

Retina Display

Apple iPad Mini stands out with brilliant Retina display which leads to 4x higher pixels than the previous model. Retina display reduces the stress level that your eyes have to endure by offering 326 pixels per inch which is a significant upgrade as compared to the previous model which only sported 264 pixels per inch. With Apple iPad Mini your eyes can move from images to text without any additional stress.

A7 Chip for Fast Performance

Apple iPad Mini also beats its competition and rises above its predecessor hands down thanks to the powerful A7 chip, the same that powers Apple iPad Air and iPhone 5S. With the power to display graphics eight times faster and processing up to four times faster than the old version, iPad Mini is a force to reckon, and certainly returns value for the extra money you pay for it. Furthermore, Apple has added two Wi-Fi antennas for faster internet signal reception and a second microphone for amplified recording effect.

Experienced customers who know the difference between specs mentioned on an instruction manual and the actual experience may read this review with a touch pinch of skepticism. Well, you can certainly throw your skepticism out of the window because Apple iPad Mini not only talks the talks, it also walks the walk!

The new Mini certainly delivers the promise of a higher resolution making it a treat for your eyes to read mini text on websites, especially black text on white background which always gave a faded effect in the previous model. However, expecting this amazing gadget to turn blurred photos into sharp images is stretching it a little. After all, we’re talking science here, not miracles!

The A7 chip processor makes browsing and downloading faster, but the difference may not be as drastic as you might expect. Similarly, the dual Wi-FI antenna is a touch overrated as it does little to speed up video streaming. All Apple customers must also keep in mind that although, iPad Mini uses the A7 chip, the device still lacks the processor-specific features available in iPad Air and iPhone 5S such as fingerprint sensor security clearance and 10 photos per sec snapping camera. But, hey, no one said the world is perfect!

Is Price Tag Justifying the Performance?

While most customers may not pay too much attention to the absence of the abovementioned features, the fact that Apple iPad Mini costs twice as much as Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HDX, without offering anything drastically more than its competition may weigh heavily on their minds. Sure, the new Mini offers higher resolution and slightly bigger screen at 7.9 inches but it is also thicker and more bulky. In addition, since Kindle and Nexus 7 only offer 7-inches screens customers never really notice fewer pixels.

Battery & Wi-Fi

Apple iPad Mini may weigh 11.7 ounces which is a significant increase to how much its competitors weigh, but still it offers up to 10 hours of Wi-Fi surfing battery life. At the end of the day as a customer you have to ask yourself what aspect you treasure more: sleek and slim design or longer battery life.

Unless you have a small budget to spend, you can always count on Apple iPad Mini to deliver an excellent and fulfilling experience for you. Despite the higher price, the new Mini allows you the luxury of enjoying the best apps before Android users and with better compatibility. We all know how most of the apps look awfully blown up on Android devices because they’re simply not made for them.

It is fair to say that many Apple customers who have keenly set their eyes on Apple iPad Air may well settle for iPad Mini because, except for the size, there is little to choose between the two devices.

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