iPhone 6 Features: Expect a Grand Look

Apple’s new iPhone 6 is on its way to the market and lot new is being expected in latest version of iPhone. A look at some of the improved and upgraded Apple’s grand features, which definitely be part of the new device, might make it worth buying.

iPhone 6

Most of the features in iPhone 5 are much liked by the users and it is expected that the new version will definitely be one step ahead and will cover the existing features with new hi-tech additionals.

iphone 6 wireless

iPhone 6 features include TouchID, advance camera, great wireless connectivity with a grand stylish appearance etc. Let’s check in detail.

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TouchID – Fingerprint Sensor

The TouchID, a fingerprint sensor, is expected to be more durable and advanced with additional features that authenticate the third-party apps purchase and use.

iphone 6 touch id

Enhanced Camera Sensor

The camera phone is rumored to have 13MP sensor or Apple might even consider 16MP sensor in the light of iOS8’s manual camera controls. Integrated Optical Image stabilizer, enhanced version of LED flash and better front camera are the additional features.

iphone 6 camera sensor

Improved Wireless Connectivity

Another point that is expected is the improved wireless connectivity with two new additions; NFC-the wireless feature allowing two devices to talk to each other and WiFi 802.11ac-fast transfer speed with improved coverage area.


Cool Design & Display

Along with tech features, news are that Apple has totally revamped the design of iPhone 6. A slimmer metal unibody with power button on the side and re-designed speaker at the bottom will give a new look in comparison to typical Apple’s style. Also due increase in large-screen Android devices, Apple might provide a bigger display i.e. of 4.7 or 5.5 inch. Rumors are it might be 4.7 inch with a scratch-resistant Sapphire display glass for more durability.

iphone 6 design

Highly Upgraded Hardware

Hardware up-gradation in iPhone 6 is very much likely as to keep the tradition going on of upgrading every iPhone. The new device will be having a new 64 bit Apple A8 processor with enhanced motion co-processor, RAM of 1-2 GB, a storage capacity ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB and most important thing a longer battery life. In addition, game fans expectations are also met with the hardware upgradation to such level that allows games to run smoothly and with large screen are most likely to be enjoyed a lot. This is expected with 4.4 inch screen display; however, if it is launched with 5.5 inch variant, the hardware specifications will be more enhanced. Users can expect a more faster processor with more memory and a long lasting battery.

iphone 6 hardware

All this is expected to deliver a rich user experience on iOS 8 and facilitate various software features. So, keep expecting till the launch day that we are going to see a really hi-tech and a cool version of Apple iPhone.

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