iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Select the Best

The selection of smartphones keeping in mind the features triggers a continuous debate and it is going to last for eternity because every year or so different prominent companies launch smartphones equipped with features that a man can only imagine. Recently it is being debated that Apple’s latest model iPhone 7 will dethrone the Samsung Galaxy S7, which was the best smartphone to buy in the market till now.



Many Apple users were expecting fundamental changes in the shape of iPhone 7 because there was harsh criticism on the iPhone 6 shape. Apple did try to modify the shape but not as it was expected.  The headphone port is killed off and there are other slight changes. Most people think that it is certainly enough to give Samsung Company a hard time.

If you are willing to buy any of these two smartphones you must be in continuous sway, moving from one to other in order to choose the best. One finds it very hard to make a final decision because the prices are very high. Once bought, if the cell phone doesn’t fulfill your expectations, it is going to be a continuous remorse.

Here is a comparison of different features of these two smartphones, which will help you a lot in deciding which phone is best.

Picking Your Favorite Super Model

The choice among smartphones is always a battle of rehashes. People always choose that phone which is uniquely distinct and fundamentally different from other smartphones in the market. The iPhone 7 is the third take on the design introduced in 2014 in the form of iPhone 6; while on the other hand, Galaxy S7 offers a minor design update when compared with the S6. You can always change the shape of your smartphones by using quality covers which you can explore on Groupon.


Apple has tried to make the phone a little more beautiful by reducing those antenna lines while maintaining the steel body. Apple has finally said goodbye to traditional 3.55 mm headphone port. This can force many people to buy Galaxy because if they buy iPhone 7, they will be forced to make do with an ugly adapter – they will have to either buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones or they will have to use ear pods coming with the box. It is even acknowledged by the Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, “I would not use Bluetooth . . . I don’t like wireless.”

Apple’s effort might be directed towards building a phone that is slimmer, sleeker and lighter, but Galaxy S7 also has one strong feature which is curved edge display.

On the other hand, both of these phones offer astonishing waterproof skills. You can use iPhone in rain or you can simply wash it with water without any worry. Galaxy S7 can resist up till 30 minutes in water without causing demise.

Features and Performance

You must also keep in mind the features and performance of these two smartphones before buying. You must keep in mind whether you are purchasing a cell phone for the purpose of heavy workloads, gaming, VR action or other multi-tasking. These features will let you decide which phone is better for you.


Apart from the gigantic quantity of power that these two phones can offer you, there are also many common features. Both have familiar fingerprint scanners and inbuilt high-quality speakers. Apple seems to take superiority as it has turned its speakers stereo, while the Samsung Galaxy has superiority in terms of its storage capacity. Although the capacity that iPhone 7 offers is quite satisfactory, but unlike its rival, it cannot support any storage expansion.

Another battle among these two mobiles is the battle of cameras. S7 claims the best camera in terms of quality and as anyone can tell 6S was no less in the quality of photos but iPhone 7’s camera has kicked everything in its way.

Similar Staying Power

When it comes to the matter of battery and power, both Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 seem travelling in the same boat. Whether Samsung or Galaxy, they don’t seem to focus more and more on the extension of battery usage. Once fully charged, both of these phones won’t last past lunch second day.

Apple claims, in its new i7, the additional two hours of battery and staying power per charge. But for most people, it’s not a big deal. You can use your smartphone day long – assuming you are not playing heavy games – and certainly you will plug in charging while you sleep, and then these extra two hours don’t attract much attention. Had Apple doubled the power of its battery, it would have been something.

All these features tell you the exact distinction between these two smartphones and then you can decide on your own which phone is better for you.

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