5 iPhone Apps You Should Know About

Nowadays there are numerous great apps that can make everyday headaches go away. They can be pretty helpful when it comes to boosting your productivity, staying in touch with coworkers and friends, learning new skills and many other things. Therefore, here are some handy apps that you probably didn’t hear about, but will definitely improve your quality of life.


If you’re not an early bird, but you’d still like to get up early and get more things done, then this app is exactly what you need to build a new habit. Alarmy isn’t an ordinary alarm, it will literally force you to jump out of bed. The trick is to turn off the alarm with a photo mode. This means you need to register a place you wish to turn off the alarm. Once the alarm starts ringing, you need to go to the registered place and take a picture of it. The best place to register would be far from bad, such as bathroom sink, for instance. Really unique and efficient alarm, right?
Price: Free


This is a must-have travel app, but for real. MAPS.ME is a completely free app that will help you with navigation and directions in a new and unknown city. The best part is that no Internet required and all maps inside and all features are free, without hidden costs. No need to spend money on Internet access abroad or using complicated paper maps. Another useful thing is that this convenient app shows points-of-interest, such as tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and many more. MAPS.ME is something like a modern and high tech version of a compass that you should bring on your next trip.

Price: Free


This is a perfect app for everybody who wants to brush up on their language skills. Quizlet allows you to create various flashcards or to use someone else’s and in that way to learn new words without a hitch. Also, in order to memorize them with ease it’s possible to add images in addition to your cards.  Learning should be fun, so there’s a match game, where you race against the clock. In the end, it’s possible to take a test and verify your progress. It’s a great way to enhance your studying since you can learn anywhere, whenever you have time, for example while commuting to work or waiting for the bus.
Price: Free

Compress PDF

This app is for all professionals who have hard time managing large PDFs on their iPhone. Compress PDF reduces size of big PDF documents and makes them easily manipulated. Naturally, quality of the documents is preserved. Also, it’s possible to compress documents from Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. Great thing is that compressions are performed on the servers, so the whole process won’t drain your battery. Once compression is finished, the result is downloaded into the app, and files are immediately deleted from the servers. Now you can compress PDF files on iPhone and get your work done on the fly.
Price: Free


How many times did you hear an awesome song on the radio or in a shop, but you didn’t know its name? Now that situation is a history. Whenever you hear a great song, just open Shazam and tap to discover music, artists, videos and lyrics. Likewise, later on you can easily download music you love. A must-have app for all music fans and a great tool to discover cool music and artists.
Price: Free

Would you like to add another app we should know about to our list? Please share it in comments.

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