LG Optimus G Announced with13 MP Camera

Smartphone market has become more challenging with companies trying to out-smart one another in producing the most techno-savvy phone. LG is not one of the top known companies for smartphones. However, LG has now decided to fight back with their ‘LG Optimus G’ range. LG Optimus G is a high powered Smartphone backed by an Android based OS. The phone scores well when it comes to looks with its 1280*768 4.7 inch HD display.

 LG Optimus G

A whopping 13 MP camera:

LG has released a video showing off the camera that is going to be used in the LG Optimus G range. The camera modules have been manufactured by LG Innnotek. If the rumors are true, the camera will be the highest resolution present in any LG phone. Thought the 13 MP sounds like an attractive number, we have to wait and see if it is going shake the other legacy phones and manufacturers. LG Optimus G will boast a thirteen megapixel rear camera and front facing lens which is going to be 1.3 Mb. Though the LG Optimus G I being promoted with their camera, they have to back it up with other features. For example, it is going to be a downfall if they are going the phone is going to have poor battery backup performance.

lg optimus g camera

Though the camera definitely seems to be the highlight of the phone, here are a few questions people have on the new Optimus G that is going to be released by LG:

Availability of LG:

The Optimus G is expected to release by the end of 2012 at the most. Information on the carriers for the phone is not out yet. Most of the high-end devices released nowadays have an exclusive network backing the devices, so it is still unclear if LG will do the same. If LG chooses to go for a single carrier, their appeals and success potential might get limited as against the multi-carrier phones.

LG Optimus G pic 1

Will the carriers influence the phone?

Will the carriers influence the phone? This is a big question as carriers are known to stamp their marks on phones or will they follow a standard design throughout? There are however rumors that LG is zeroing on AT&T and Sprint. Both the providers might rebrand the phone to “LG Eclipse 4G LTE”.

Will the Optimus G carry the latest Android version?

LG is not known for their Android upgrades. In fact, they are embarrassingly backward in upgrading their phones with the latest Android versions. LG Optimus G has a record of not upgrading almost five phones with Ice Cream Sandwich which the company promised previously. There are many phones models for which LG had promised upgrades which had never happened. It is unclear if the phone will carry the latest JellyBean version.

LG Optimus G pic 2

Will Optimus G be the new Nexus?

The most popular rumor of all is that LG Optimus G will be converted to a Google phone and will be sold under the ‘Nexus’ name during the holiday season. If you remember, there have been reports stating that Google is planning on releasing multiple Nexus phones by the end of this year. There have been speculations that LG will be contributing to the Nexus series and the Optimus G just might be the first of the series! A Nexus phone can run on any unmodified version of any recent software. We have to wait and see if the phone is going to be a Nexus range or not.

Apart from the camera, these are few points that will influence the phone.

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