What to Look for in a Great Night Vision Camera

When it comes to home security, nothing offers complete peace-of-mind like a network of security cameras.

But finding the ideal security camera to suit your home and budget may seem a little overwhelming with thousands of models to choose from.

Where do even you start?

Aside from a standard security camera features, you’ll also need to ensure your purchase has high-quality night vision capabilities.

In this blog, we break down what to look out for when selecting a night vision camera for your home security set-up.

How Does a Night Vision Camera Work?

Before selecting the ideal night vision camera for your home security system, it’s important to understand how they operate.

To find out more, let’s get right into it…

Night vision cameras are manufactured with an IR surveillance technology – this being an infrared capability.

This infrared capability is essentially a heat-absorbing mechanism which picks up the heat given off by a moving object.

During the day-time, night vision cameras are able to use an infrared cut-off filter.

This filter cuts out mid-infrared wavelengths and allows day-time images to be seen true-to-form and color.

This filter allows the camera lens to pick-up colors true to the human eye throughout the day and ensures your camera functions at full capacity.

How To Choose The Best Night Vision Camera

Some of the top features to consider when looking to install a quality night vision camera into your home security network include:

1. An IR-Cut Filter

As we mentioned, this is the day-time infrared cut-off filter which works to ensure day-time images are seen in their natural state on camera.

This filter is quite simple technology but a vital part of choosing the best security cameras for your home.

As soon as the light begins to fade and darkness sets in, the camera will move the IR-cut filter lens and night vision capabilities will be activated.

Without this IR-cut filter, day-time images will appear distorted and greyish-pink in color – making the day-time use of your camera virtually useless.

2. A Powerful Illumination Beam

To put it simply, the more powerful the illumination beam on your security camera, the better the night vision capabilities will be.

The best setting is to opt for 100 ft. of infrared illumination, which is able to produce clear and detailed night vision images.

3. Full-View Illumination

When it comes to low-quality night vision cameras, the infrared beam does not always illuminate the entire field-of-view captured by the lens.

This basically means that there are vital parts that the lens sees, but the infrared beams miss.

When purchasing good quality night vision cameras it’s important to look for a function that offers an infrared beam which illuminates the entire scene of the lens.

A high-quality security camera will light up the entire scene clearly and brightly, so as to not miss a thing!

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