Nokia Asha 303 Review

Nokia was use to rule the feature phone section of mobile market. After the disaster, which Nokia faced last year now the company is trying hard to come back. When we talk about the new range of Nokia’s Feature phones, Nokia Asha 303 seems good enough. Here we are discussing some features of this new Nokia phone. Nokia Asha 303 is a touch and type phone. S 40 is the platform used in this handset. The RAM is 128 MB and 3.2 megapixel camera houses the phone. This cell phone has lots of features in terms of applications and internet connectivity. Moreover, it also looks better than many other Nokia phones and good features make it even better. However, many people ask that does it have so many features to justify the price? Let’s try to find the answer. Appearance

The phone has rectangular frame, a keypad which resembles to blackberry and the screen is 2.6 inches. It is available in many bright colors and feels really smooth to the hands. Not just the front but the back of the Nokia Asha 303 also looks good. The UI of the phone is also good enough. The material do handset is plastic yet it has a shiny finish. You can easily hold it in your hand and its looks quite expansive.


The Nokia Asha 303 has many apps like Nokia maps, Angry birds and many more. YOU can easily download applications from Nokia store. You can also access your social network or email from this handset.


Internet access was like a dream for Nokia phone but now it offers all sorts of connectivity. In terms of connectivity this handset has Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile internet. You can easily access the internet in any way. Bluetooth connectivity is also good.


Nokia Asha 303 is good in terms of connectivity and applications but the camera is not up to the mark. The camera shots are hazy and if you are crazy about photos, Asha 303 for you. On the other hand, FM radio is good. You can download music from the Nokia store easily. Battery life of the phone is also very good.


It is a good effort on Nokia’s behalf when we talk about feature phones. Asha series has many attractive features and Nokia Asha 303 has proved itself a true Asha phone. However, for some keys are really small and camera results are disappointing. However, if you are looking for a features cell phone, Nokia Asha 303 is good choice.

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