Microsoft Surface Tablet Ready to Join Three-Way Battle with Apple and Google

Just last week Microsoft revealed their newest device – the Surface. Judging by what we saw, the Surface will certainly be a functional and unique device which probably reveals more about Microsoft’s feature plans – it seems very likely that Microsoft will join the battle for the tablet market with Google Inc and Apple Inc.

Presenting the Acer Iconia A700

The development of desktop computing has completely changed the way we do things especially when it comes to work. Computers nowadays have been considered an important productivity tool and an office setup is never complete without one. However, with the demands of being mobile and not being tied to your work desk the whole day …


Google Android Still Top OS In The Smartphone Industry

Despite another patent issue thrown at it by Apple, Google Android operating system remained as the top smartphone system preferred by U.S. smartphone users, according to a recent report by ComScore MobiLens. The new survey involved 30,000 smartphone subscribers and run for three months ending in May. Findings of the report showed that Google Android …


Nokia’s Mobile Patents Are Its Last Line of Protection

Failure to Capture Smartphone Market Over the last couple of years, Apple, Samsung and Android have dominated the smartphone market. In spite of having conquered the mobile phone market for more than a decade, Nokia has failed to compete with the major players when it comes to developing cutting-edge smartphones. The sharp drop in sales …


Apple Penalized Across Australia iPad Difficulty

Apple, which is the world’s biggest smartphone marker, was recently fined a total of $2.29 million for intentionally misleading consumers in Australia regarding the capability of 4G on the local network while launching the new iPad.

Facebook new Camera App for iOS, iPad review

Facebook Camera App for iOS works on all iOS power devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While there are plenty of image enhancement applications available for iOS gadgets, Facebook Camera has the advantage of being tied to the popular social network, that now sports over 900 million users.

RIM Blackberry Curve 9360 – Camera Less Version Is Available Now

Camera is considered as one of the best features in any cell phone. However, people who work in secure or sensitive areas, want camera less cell phones. iPhone launched a camera less phone, which was iPhone 4S. Cell phone giants’ do not offer camera less phones, but Blackbery is come up with a new trend. …


Online Website Builders; Realizing the Dream of Free Web Design

If you are having a dream of building your own website for personal or business use but resisting at the moment either because of having low funds or due to lack of coding/programming expertise then here you need a free website builder where you’ll find one solution for both problems!

Defy Mini – The New Smartphone Launched by Motorola

Motorola is a South African company which is known for making mid range and low ranges cell phones. This time they came up with an android smart phone, trying to give a hard time to the other well known companies. This smart phone called as Defy Mini has launched with the introductory price of US$230. …