Top 5 Apps You Can Consider to Boost Your Productivity

Measuring and maintaining “productivity” is a huge focus nowadays. The Internet culture is full of GTD, moleskine notebooks, scheduling, calendars, and tons of tools to help you squeeze the most out of every minute of every day.

Secrets of the iPad Camera Connection Kit

Many people get an iPad trade in because they feel like it doesn’t have enough ports. Android tablets have numerous ports, such as mini HDMI, mini USB and mini SD. They definitely help increase functionality. You don’t have to buy accessories just to make things work for you.

Top 4 Effective Tips to Protect Sensitive Data Online

Since the internet has been made available to the public, there has been a need to protect sensitive information like social security numbers, bank account and credit card numbers. Hence, when you are online you need to make sure that you are dealing with legit and secured sites. When you are protected you can guarantee …


Top Features Of Nokia Lumia 900 to Make it Best Smartphone Today

Nokia has been one of the best and renowned mobile technology brands. Most people simply consider using up Nokia phones, not to mention that the phones are made in quality and interesting user-interface. With the success they have reached for launching up these phones right on their own Symbian OS, they are now trying their …


What to do for iPhone Water Damage Repair?

Tips to Repair Water Damaged iPhone Did you accidentally drop your iPhone in the pool or washing machine? We enjoy water a lot but electronic devices like iPhones hate water! Hence, how do you fix an iPhone that was soaked in water and damaged? First, here are things that you should not do:

Unboxing Of The iPhone 4S

Apple has introduced their next generation of iPhone called the iPhone 4S. This 11.5 x 6 cm device of 140 grams comes in white and black, and is packed with some great features and with serious computer power. Some of the features includes a really nice voice-enabled environment, powerful camera and with a personal cloud …


3.9 inch iPhone 5 Screen is Looking Likely

The rumour sites have been buzzing again with the latest Apple rumours and this time it’s regarding the iPhone 5 and the new features that that Apple smartphone will have. 9to5mac have apparently got an insider source in the Apple campus that has revealed that there are two prototype iPhone 5 models in the wild, …


Key Features of Nokia X2-05

Nokia X2-05 is a very fascinating set from Nokia, and has gained huge popularity in the market in very short time. This new handset from Nokia is made up of 100 percent recyclable material. It is made in such a way by keeping in mind about the environment safety from any sort of pollution. 

Introducing the Weirdest Phones of the Century!

Phones are reliable communication buddies. Whether it is a landline, a cell phone, or a smartphone, they have been an almost indispensable part of our life. Sometimes, the phones we own can be a reliable indicator of our personality- our thoughts, likes, and dislikes. Sometimes, the phones can be so weird that it somehow affects …