Popular Wireless Mobile Carriers In United States

The competition in the wireless mobile carrier industry in the US is increasing. Most companies have secured their market by launching services that have enabled the customers to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and communication that helps them stay in touch with family and friends continuously. Big names in the game are T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and they also are today followed by a few Mobile Virtual Network Operators that have brands like Platinum Tel, Straight talk and many more. Let’s take a quick peek at all of them.


T-Mobile Wireless Mobile Carriers

T-Mobile launched by Deutsche Telekom is a popular name in the telecommunication industry and has approximately 150 million subscribers. It offers great services to its customers that include offering individual plans, family plans for multiple connections so that the customer can enjoy group discounts and also mobile broadband plans that allow you to enter into a monthly and not annual contract with them unlike other wireless carriers or mobile services. You can use pans with unlimited or limitless data on the nationwide network and also save a lot of money on your telephone bills.


Sprint Wireless Mobile Carriers

Sprint, another popular name is a worldwide or a global provider of voice, data and internet services. It allows customized options for personal or individual users or corporate houses and businesses depending upon their needs. Along with offering a wide range of offers specific for smart phones, basic phones, android phones and iPhones etc., Sprint also offers plans meant for individual and business customers along with family plans to meet the competition. Its plans broadly cover data only specific plan or home and office based plans based on your requirements. The hottest ringtones and a wide range of mobile based user applications also enhance the quality of the customer service and benefits received.


AT&T Wireless Mobile Carriers

AT&T also offers wireless cell phones and plans along with them to fit the bill. In fact you will be surprised to know that online deals offered by them start as less as $1. Apart from the regulars, there are customer fit deals that allow you to configure your own package depending upon the services you want to use which is kind of unique for a wireless carrier to usually offer. Verizon wireless is another name that not only offers wireless services but also bundles of technology that also include internet and digital TV on the customers requirement in the form on double play and triple play packages.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Compared to these established brands that run their own spectrum of services, mobile virtual network operators popularly known as MVNO’s are operators that do not have their own spectrum or their network infrastructure. Instead they use other mobile network operators to use their time and minutes to sell it to their customers in return. Some popular examples of MVNO’s are Platinum Tel and Straight talk and they are more popular and in demand because they are offered with more flexibility to existing customers at lesser costs. They are also offered on smart phones which makes the deal even better.

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