Save Money with Business Mobiles

Have you considered a business mobile network for your staff to save your company money?

Instead of reimbursing your staff for the business calls they make from their personal handheld devices each month, you could save your business money by investing in business mobiles instead.

Business Mobiles

We recently had a look at Network Telecom’s offer and trialled their business mobile phones deal.

The package had tempted us because of the following features:

  • Free calls between land lines and mobiles
  • One point of contact for all your mobile queries
  • Dedicated UK based support team
  • Top of the range handsets
  • Phone packages to suit your needs

They took their time to discuss with us the requirements we were looking for, and arranged a flexible deal for us.

We immediately felt confident with their high service levels and customer support.

Mobile phones are a keystone in our business, as they are for many. They’re more than just a communication device for us – almost a remote control for our business.

They give our staff access to emails, work and payments – allowing them to continue with their work whilst they’re on public transport or working from home.

With this in mind we had to trial the offer from Network Telecom, and we can safely say that we are now taking it up full-time as we immediately saw the benefits and savings made in week one.

You can do the same – the package comes with a huge variety of devices and deals, whether we’re looking for EE or Vodafone, iPhone or Blackberry – they had it covered for us.

If mobile phones are critical to your business, we recommend sourcing out a deal for business mobile phones to avoid paying imbursements for your staff, and ultimately to save your company money in the long run.

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