How to Score Cheap Mobile Phone Deals

Getting cheap mobile phone deals can seem impossible sometimes.

Your mobile phone is everything. It’s the first thing you look at in the morning, the last thing you look at before you sleep, and checking it between 47 and 82 times a day.

Even though there are more cellphones than people in the world, you’d think that you can get a good quality phone for less.

With the average phone plan being $157 a month and the average handset cost at $364, you’re shelling out more money than you need to just to communicate.

It is possible to score cheap mobile phone deals for handsets and data plans. You need to know where to look.

Read on to know how you can get the best phone deal.

Know What Your Needs Are

Before you start shopping around, you have to make sure that you know what your needs are.

Do you use your phone just for texting or calling? Do you need a full data plan to watch videos?

If you’re looking for a mobile phone, these are the things to consider.

Size: Screen sizes tend to range from 5 to 6 inches. It may not seem like a huge difference. It can be the difference between having the phone in your pocket or being able to watch videos easily.

Camera: Do you plan to take a lot of images? Do you take pictures outdoors or a lot of selfies? That will help you decide what type of camera you need on your phone.

Storage: If you’re going to take photos, you’ll need a lot of storage space. You’d be surprised by how quickly you can use 16GB on a phone. You’d be better off going with 32GB with the option to expand.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the processing speed, audio quality, and battery life.

For mobile phone plans, you should know what you really need. You won’t need a pricey unlimited data plan if all you do is phone and text.

You also don’t want to limit yourself, either.

If you do use data, look over our phone bills over the last 6 months and see how much data you used. You might only need a plan with 1 or 2GB of data instead of unlimited.

That can turn into a potential costs savings.

Score Cheap Mobile Phone Deals

Getting a good mobile phone plan that saves money is a huge challenge. Most phone companies will entice you with a free phone but lock you into an expensive phone contract for two years.

The best deals are usually SIM only deals. They work just like a regular monthly plan, but instead of getting a highly discounted or free phone when you sign up, you get a SIM card.

These include plenty of data, ranging from 1GB to 25GB and cost as little as ?6 per month. They include a set amount of minutes, and texts.

There are also some plans that include unlimited minutes and texts, but data is capped at 1-2GB.

If you want to know more, check out these deals from Handset Expert.

Negotiate with Your Carrier

If you don’t want to leave your current carrier, but want to cut down your costs, you can negotiate a better deal.

There’s anecdotal research that says it’s better to negotiate over the phone or online than in stores.

Usually, customer service reps in call centers have more authority to make offers to keep customers than in-store reps. Plus, the longer you’ve been with your carrier, and you’ve paid your bills on time, the more willing they’ll be to keep you as a customer.

Depending on how long you’ve been with the carrier, you can ask nicely or threaten to cancel your service.

If you have no interest in negotiating a better deal, you can ask someone else to do it. Services like BillXperts negotiate with phone and cable companies to help you lower your bill.

Shop Around

Cheap mobile phone deals can be found all the time. There are usually specials happening around holidays and special events, so you might want to wait to score the best deal.

There are dozens of phone providers all competing for you.

Don’t be afraid to pit them against each other when you’re shopping for a deal.

For example, if you found a great deal at Verizon, but like Sprint’s coverage better, then go to Sprint and see if they can match or better the deal with Verizon.

Cheap Handset Deals

If you think that getting a free $800 phone with your contract is a bargain, remember that you’re going to pay for that phone somehow.

That’s why you’ll pay a lot more than you need to.

Companies like T-Mobile offer payment plans for their phones, with payments spread out over 24 months. When you add the payment and insurance onto your phone bill, you could be paying an extra $40 a month over two years.

Is your phone really worth that much?

The best thing you can do to get a cheap mobile phone deal is to pay for your phone outright. That might mean that you won’t get the Samsung S9 or the iPhone X.

However, phone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei are offering top-quality phones for a third of the cost.

You can buy a great phone, use the SIM card and end up paying very little each month.

One word of caution. Before you commit to a plan, make sure the phone you have will work on the carrier’s network.

Most of the time, there aren’t issues, but it’s always good to verify just in case.

Once you have your plan and your handset, you can start to shop for accessories.

Getting Cheap Mobile Phone Deals

A cheap mobile phone deal is possible when you consider what you’re going to use your phone for and how often you use it.

Make sure that the phones and plans have excellent reviews before you make a long-term commitment.

That’s where Geek Super can help. We’re your one-stop resource for everything tech.

Take a look at our articles on iPhone and Android devices.

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