Seven Factors that Make Up the Honeycomb

The online business is expanding very rapidly with people using creative and innovative methods to attract the customers.  A key technique to stand out among the competitors is by differentiating your business from others. Customers today have many options when it comes to online shopping and their attention span is very small. So it becomes crucial for the business to give customers good value and better service. The aspects like ease of use, practicality, accessibility, productivity and efficiency of your website play a vital role in determining the customer’s opinion of your brand. So it is very essential to give the potential buyers the best possible user experience (UX) to ensure they buy your products or service.

User experience (UX) is gaining lot of importance these days with businesses realizing the value of user experience design. Websites that offer its visitors a superlative user experience have higher possibility of gaining user engagement and conversions. Before you hire the services of a designer, it is important you ask your website designing company what they would offer your specifically to enhance your website’s user experience. There are several tools that help to understand the aspects of a good user experience. One of them is the user experience honeycomb created by Peter Morville. This concept explains the various facets of user experience design through six aspects that every online business must try to maximize in order to increase their business prospects.

Upgrade Products to Make them ‘Useful’

For any product or service to appeal to the customer it has be updated. Nobody wants to buy an outdated product. The same applies for websites too. A poorly updated site will not provide the user with a good user experience. Although the products and services you provide may be excellent, if your website is dysfunctional then it will not lead to conversions. Maintenance and update is important to keep the customers coming back and making a purchase effortlessly. Also it’s important to keep the product descriptions updated along with the product images. It is essential to understand who the target audience are and design the website according to their needs.

Easy and ‘Usable’

Usability which means user catered design is an important aspect of a good user experience. Core of usability is clarity and simplicity. If the website is not clear it will easily distract the customer and the website is not considered user friendly. So focus on what’s important and arrange data in a way that’s easy to follow and locate. A well designed navigation with internal links is also very crucial for the website. In order to give the customer an overview of the overall structure of your website use site map. Make the site more searchable by having a search box on your site.

Avoid clutter in your website and make sure your website isn’t overcrowded with too much content. Use a lot of white spaces which makes the site cleaner. Another important aspect is consistency. Keep the design throughout the website consistent. Also navigation needs to consistent. Consistent navigation helps user to find relevant information more quickly. Loading time taken by the web page is also very crucial because speed is essential for a good user experience.

Apple is the perfect example of an easy to use website. It offers its customers a simple, clean, accessible and easily navigable website.

Double up to Make it ‘Desirable’

Since the customer decides within the first ten seconds whether to stay in the website or not, the first impression has to be impressive. This can be achieved by incorporating relevant and attractive images to make the website look more appealing. Colours play a very important role in the website appearance. Use right colour combination that is easy to read.

Too much use of graphics and less use of white space is not very good for your website. Not only will it affect the loading time it will also make your website look like a banner.  The last and important aspect of any attractive website is its content. The easier it is to read your web content, the more attractive and effective it will be and look.  So keep the content simple, straight to the point and use less technological words.

For customers to develop brand loyalty it is very important to have a memorable emotional connection with the brand. Brands that build an emotional connection will have customers coming back for the product. So for the business it becomes important to identify who their target audience are, and what makes them feel in order to connect with them.

Fun is When the Website is ‘Findable’

To make your website more finable ensure that your website uses a simple, logical and seamless navigation structure. A seamless navigation helps visitor to find the information they are looking without much effort. The navigation bar should be strategically placed and should contain the necessary links to About, Products or Services, and Contact page on every website.

Proper error handling at the time of coding the website is extremely important. In case the webpage cannot be found the 404 page should be displayed. This page is displayed when a mistake has been made.  When a page is not found the error page is displayed and the customer usually hits a roadblock. At this point help customers by informing what you want them to do next. Give them a call to action. Another alternative is by giving an option of most relevant links or search option. Links to homepage and product sections also can be provided here. A link to contact customer care or a Contact Us link also is a very good option to retain the visitor on the site.

Actions to make it ‘Accessible’

Making your website user friendly for people with physical disabilities will be an added advantage. People with visual impairment rely on screen-readers to read Web pages. To make this more user friendly for such users keep the layout simple, avoid ‘Click Here’ or unclear link names. Focus on reducing the clutter and make use of correct punctuation to make the website user friendly.

People with limited vision either use screen magnification software or use the browser’s zoom features to enlarge the text. For such users avoid making the font too small and use highly contrasting colours for your text and background. Also avoid making your pages dependent on images when plain text can do the job. Text can be enlarged and remain readable, while graphics may become blurry.

For business to succeed today it becomes very critical that your website is optimized for different devices like PC, table, laptops and smartphone. The users should get a feel of seamless navigation irrespective of the device they are using to access your website.

These days, the customers expect an effortless browsing experience, irrespective of what device they use. So providing ease of use on different devices can have a big impact on the business. Amazon is good example for website that is optimized on different devices.

Customer Calls it ‘Credible’

Credibility is another aspect of your website. People don’t like to interact with web pages or websites but to people. To make your product or service look credible it is important to build a good relationship with the visitor and provide a personalised touch. This can be achieved by making your website look like a real organisation. Develop the trust factor by making your visitors know that when they have queries or complaints they can reach you by email, phone   or visit you. It is important to provide a physical address in the website, also provide complete information about your organisation in About Us page. Try to humanize your site by including the pictures of your employees and the picture of your building or workplace.

Another strategy is to show that others trust you. Provide user ratings, customer reviews, text testimonial and video testimonials. And it is also crucial for ecommerce sites to ensure user satisfaction offline too, like timely delivery and customer compliance by hiring reliable courier services. Celebrities also can bring valuable credibility to your product.  Celebrities have huge followings, and by making celebrities endorse your product it will raise the curiosity in your product. It also helps to raise the quality benchmark of the product because customers believe that celebrities only use credible and high quality products.

L’Oréal is one such site which makes use of celebrity endorsements to increase its brand value.

‘Verify if it is Valuable’

For a business to succeed it very important to provide a product which satisfies the user needs. Before a product is designed or a website is set up business should focus on researching what they are trying to solve for the customer. By doing so you will have a better idea of how your product will be shaped. It is also essential to spend time conducting research in order to learn more about potential users and their needs. User research and testing is an essential part of the product development process. Consider your user’s needs and use those to shape your product functions. Give attention to implicit needs along with the explicit needs

Adding more features to your product or service will not make it better. The focus should be on providing a better experience. This experience can be how the product looks, how easy the product is to use or how it can make the life of your customer better.

Apple offers its customers products that are loaded with advanced features and at the same satisfy the customer’s needs.

Following these seven important UX Honeycomb factors will go a long way in making your website more user friendly, sales-friendly and effective. This will help any business increase conversions and ultimately boost revenue generation.

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