Custom User Friendly Sharepoint Forms Designer

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer is a free trial software that allows you to create/edit advanced Sharepoint list and publish it on a Sharepoint site. It is more business user friendly compared to default sharepoint form. Virto SharePoint Forms Designer provides the following six benefits for businesses.

Easy to Install

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer  is easy to install and customize for your business needs. To install it, simply download the Virto Sharepoint Forms Designer zip file and run the setup wizard. Step by step installation instruction is provided at the Virto software site. Once you have the software, upgrade is free and can be downloaded from the Virto software.

Easy to Use to Create a Form

The default Sharepoint form is not as easy to use and does not provide sufficient information on the list/item. With Virto SharePoint Forms Designer, you can replace the plain default Sharepoint form with a more attractive form in just a few simple steps. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced end users. Beginner can use the point and click method to create the form while advanced users with some programming skills can customize the form with the HTML, Javascript and CSS editors.

Plenty of Features for Designing the Form

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer allows you to organize fields into tabs menu or accordions expandable menu. The data of the forms can be listed in either item or folder structure. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to finish building a form within minutes. With the drag and drop feature, you can easily move fields to the desired location. Fields can also be moved to the right position by using the up, down, left and right keys on the keyboard.

You can design a list form that contains multiple forms and fields can be grouped into sections. It allows you to customize line spacing, and white space. Line spacing refers to the spacing of the horizontal lines in between all elements on the form. White spacing refers to the spacing in between the horizontal and vertical elements. Both line and white spacing customization can be performed through General Settings. Get more details at

Support Various External Data Source

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer offers better validation for checking the input values of the field. It support repeated data entry such as address, name postcode so that the client don’t have to retype it. It supports external data source like Sharepoint. It also support virto cross site lookup column field for Sharepoint form. To use virto cross site lookup column, you must have Virto SharePoint cross-site and cascaded lookup.

Ability to obtain Different Form Views

In Virto SharePoint Forms Designer, custom form views can be created for different users and groups. You can set a specific form view to a department so that all the users in that department will see the same form view. Doing so can increase usability of the form. The form template can be saved and used later for other Sharepoint lists.

Free Trial is Available for Download

Virto SharePoint form designer is available as a 30 days free trial. The trial version can be downloaded from the Virto SharePoint Form page at the official site. The trial version is fully functional so you can test drive all the features.

Wrapping Up

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer offers a comprehensive range of adjusting options to create a complex form with controls that can be used immediately. Forms created with Virto Sharepoint form designer are more stylish and lightweight compared to other programs. It can be used to create all kinds of forms including invoice, contact information, and product requests forms.

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