Snippet; Classy App to Add Music to Your Photos

Snippet launches a new application that will change the world of photo-sharing. The idea that stands behind the app is actually pretty simple – instead of sharing a certain photo, the app will allow the user to share a music video clip ranging between 4 to 10 seconds.

The song can be either a song that is already on the phone or the user can choose among some of the songs from iTunes previews.  It will also be possible to tag people or add captions with texts.

snippit to add music to photos

The idea sounds a bit simple – but isn’t this what new technology is all about? Simplicity! This is why you never know what is going to be successful and what not.  Since some of the users might want to use a certain song just for the app, it is possible Snippet to start making deals for coupon codes and discounts with some of the music companies.

Many people might ask themselves what would be the difference with Spotify? Well, pretty simple – with Snippet’s app you will not have to own the song in order to share it.

Apparently, some of the new trends with the mobile applications are to increase the simplicity and add some new custom features that are about to be really simple and that will help people do their everyday routines in the best way possible.

This is why Snippet is all about. By downloading their application you will be able to express your mood via certain song and the best part is you will not need to buy the song. Eventually, if the deal goes well, then you will be able to make some really nice purchases on low prices since Snippit is about to negotiate with some of the big music companies.

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