Social Media Benefiting Dental Practices

Not many people enjoy going to the dentist, due to the pain, and the cost for treatment. It is difficult for dentist’s office to market their products and services to prospective clients. Currently, dental marketing consists of newspaper advertisements, advertisements on the Internet and referral marketing. As things change, especially with the younger generations, it is crucial for dental offices to take social media more seriously. With social media, a dental office can get dozens of customers without doing a lot of work.

A dental social media page will do wonders for any dentist office. A social media page can save dentists time and money by making communication easier with patients. The page can contain the hours and address, which can cut down on phone calls to the office. More importantly, social media sites are an effective way for people to communicate. A patient or potential patient will have access to all the questions and answers that were previously more difficult to find, including questions about insurance and costs.

Running a dental social media page is harder than just signing up for an account. Effective communication with users is crucial for the success of a social media page. Make sure to post consistently, but not too often as to appear as spam. Every business is different, but for a dentist office, updates should not be done more than once a day.

The best two social media outlets currently are Facebook and Twitter. It is vital for a dentist to sign up for accounts at both sites. Twitter is a terrific site to answer inquiries, as well as inform followers of any pertinent information. Facebook is powerful; it can serve almost as a web page and is a powerful way to go viral. One smart dental marketing technique is for the dentist to encourage all of their patients to like the dentist’s web page. This gives the page exposure and can lead to an increase in business. Social media is essential to any size dental office and should be taken seriously.

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