How to Start a Social Club in 5 Easy Steps

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that one of mankind’s fundamental needs is to be heard and understood. We are, at the end of the day, social creatures.

But as we get older, it can be difficult to meet new people who share our loves and interests. Yet those people are out there, waiting to meet like-minded people like you.

How can you find them? One way is to start a social club. Here are five easy steps to help you start a social club and increase your social circle.

1. Analyze Your Own Hobbies And Interests

Everyone, regardless of age or background, has things that they love. So before you set about changing your area with a social club, think about what you love.

What are the things that really make you light up when you talk about them? It can be video games, Custom Challenge Coins, books, movies…anything, really. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all about you and what you love.

2. Recruit Members

Now that you have a clearer idea of why you want to start a social club and what it should be about, it’s time to start gauging public interest.

Head online or simply talk to some friends. Mention your idea for your social club and see how people feel.

There are likely tons of people out there with the same hobbies and interests as you. Now it’s up to you to bring them together!

3. Craft A Charter And Bylaws

With a few extra hands in tow, it’s time to start working on the finer details of your club. You have your members and purpose, sure, but you need to put them on paper.

In order to start a social club, it’s crucial that participants craft a charter and set of bylaws. These may sound intimidating, but not to worry, they’re actually quite easy to manage.

Let’s start with your charter. Think of your charter as your social club’s mission statement. It needs to answer a few details, such as who you are, why you gather, and what you want to accomplish with your group.

Bylaws are a bit trickier. These are the rules that members of the social club must abide by. Take your time with these. They can be amended, certainly, but it’s an arduous process. The more comprehensive your bylaws, the better.

4. Set A Schedule

Your social club will need to agree on a meeting schedule, including location and time. Ideally, you’ll meet at the same place and time for each meeting, but it’s okay if it’s tentative at first.

Just remember, the more organized your group appears, the easier it’ll be to find new people to join.

5. Get The Word Out

Finally, your group should come up with ways to get the word out about your social club. How will you recruit members? Are certain members responsible for recruitment, or is it a shared responsibility?

Make flyers, post on social media, and let others know about your club. Soon enough, you’ll have tons of people wanting to join your social club.

Final Thoughts On How To Start A Social Club

The best way to start a club is by focusing on the smaller details first. Initially, it can seem quite intimidating. But by breaking it up into small, manageable chunks, you’ll have a full friend group in no time!

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