Top 10 Texture Packs For Minecraft

Looking for Texture Packs For Minecraft ?

If you know Minecraft you must know that it’s all about fun. You roam in wilder areas, construct shelters and do various things for your survival, as you have to face many strange things in the dark night. This game is simply amazing, it looks as you want to see.

DIY has added graphics, you can downloads different textures, which will change the look of this game, completely. A large number of people are creating different texture packs and these are available free of cost. You will have fun with these creations of others. However, it is not easy to find good texture packs. Following are few attractive alternatives of the Minecraft visuals.

Top 10 Texture Packs For Minecraft

1. LB Photo Realism

LB Photo Realism Texture Packs

This great visual is really famous, as it has amazing graphics, which are quite realistic. However, if you want to download it, it requires higher processing and you need to install mcpatcher before installing it. Mcpatcher is mod manager. Installation is not difficult, and great realistic visuals worth some pain.

2. CartoonCraft

CartoonCraft Texture Packs

Another amazing visual is CartoonCraft. The textures are really colorful and aesthetical. It’s really famous and loved by many.

3. Painterly Pack

Painterly Pack Texture Packs

This is an interesting texture. You have to fill a questionnaire before getting this texture. You have the option to download each texture, individually. It seems interesting, but selecting each graphic is time taking. However, you will get the texture of your choice. If you have time to select graphics, you will be happy to have it.

4. Diamond Craft

Diamond Craft Texture Packs

This is a fine texture pack, all the blocks will change in the shape of a diamond. If not exactly diamond, they will look like it. It looks really amazing when everything is blue in the shape of a diamond.

5. LegoPak

LegoPak Texture Packs

It’s really amazing to have all texture in Lego form and you will love to have it. However, the background colors are blended, which does not look good.

6. Transparent

Transparent Texture Packs

This is a creative texture, which you will ever get. An unusual idea is used in the creation of this texture, all blocks are individually placed but the indication of placement is in the form of frameworks. Expansive materials in games, like diamond are in real form and you can easily see them. Mining is really easy with this texture.

It’s really interesting that you can see inside the ground. You can see the hidden tunnels and everything in the ground, it’s simply great.

7. BorderCraft

BorderCraft Texture Packs

Plyers, who love to play hardcore games like the shooting venture Borderlands, which is appreciated by the shaded graphics in every cell. The same texture has been brought in Minecraft now. Black outline in bold and every cell is shaded in BorderCraft. It is really strange, but it’s loved by many. However, you will feel a change in the text, which is a little annoying.

8. Black and white

Black and white Texture Packs

Black and white is a common texture, which you can find in many games. In Minecraft, you can will get different shades of gray, water, lava and some trees as well. You will get trees in colors and it looks like the Sin city, if you remember that.

9. Skyrim

Skyrim Texture Packs

Bethesda’s great creation is Skyrim, it appears as LB Photo Realism, however it do not fancy many. You will like the change from common textures. It also required mcpatcher to download this texture.

10. Summerfield

Summerfield Texture Packs

This is a HD texture pack, It more stylish LB photo Realism and its really good. Colors are really attractive and texture is smooth. It also needs mcpatcher for installation.

Many texture packs are available you can get one according to your requirements.

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