Top 4 Effective Tips to Protect Sensitive Data Online

Since the internet has been made available to the public, there has been a need to protect sensitive information like social security numbers, bank account and credit card numbers. Hence, when you are online you need to make sure that you are dealing with legit and secured sites. When you are protected you can guarantee that your account is safe from hackers.

Here are top four effective tips to protect sensitive data online:

1- Check the Encryption Status of Website You Are Going to Deal With

Determine the encryption status of the website by opening your online bank account or credit card account. Check the address bar located on the top web browser. If it shows https:// then the website is secured and protected. Aside from that, check the bottom right-hand corner of the browser window. If it has gold lock icon then it is protected by encryption.

2- Never Give Private Data via Email

Never give your private details on email. Suppose you receive an email from a certain company, business or organization, even if you believe it is legit do not provide your sensitive information. The fact is that legit companies, organizations and businesses do not ask for these kinds of data on email so it can be a scam or an attempt to get your sensitive information to use it for evil purposes.

3- Never Put Sensitive Info on Pop-Ups

Never provide sensitive information on pop-up ads. Although you believe you are dealing with a legit or protected site, do not attempt to give your valuable information. Before giving your info, contact the company first and verify the email you receive. This way, you can assure that you are not dealing with hackers who want to steal your data.

4- Make Sensible Use of Facebook Account

Hackers can use Facebook to get your primary information. Hence, be very careful in posting your details on Facebook such as your name, address and contact numbers. Hackers can use these info to access your private accounts. Furthermore, do not accept friend requests from people you do not know because they might be hackers. Other than that, create a difficult password and hint so hackers cannot access into “forgot your password” link.

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