Tired Of Dubbed Over Sound And Voices?

Whether you’re in the filmmaking industry or not, you have probably seen a show, advert or movie where you noticed the sounds or voices didn’t quite sync up with what was happening on screen. This is the result of someone filming a production and then recording the sound after, an unfortunate side effect of which can mean your audience losing their immersion. This can obviously be a problem if you are trying to film a whole series or a movie as you want to keep your audience hooked and loving every last minute. The solution to this? A Sound Stage.

What Is A Sound Stage?

A Sound Stage is a building specifically catered around all the needs of a production to allow them to get the shots and sounds they want in one go. There are Silent Stages, they are called Silent Stages as the team will not be able to record sound with the shots they are taking due to the Stage not being soundproofed. This means that outside noise such as traffic can be heard during the production, meaning sound will have to be done separately and dubbed over the filming.

A Sound Stage like Goya Studios offers a variety of benefits to using their sites to make production easier and improve the quality of the end product.

What Are The Benefits?

A Sound Stage like Goya Studios offers a range of benefits to meet the filming, production and sound needs of a client, allowing them to get the shots they want. One benefit is that the team can do the sound and filming all in one take and will not need to take time to carefully place and act out the scenes again with sound. This is because the Stage is soundproofed, meaning no sound will be coming in, interrupting the productions.

Another benefit is that being indoors, the team can control the lighting. The Sound Stage will allow them to have full control of the brightness of the Stage. Sound Stages are also designed to give the cameras all the room they need to get shots from any angle, high or low.

The Sound Stages will also allow you to make your production in comfort, fully air-conditioned and protected from the elements, your team will be able to get on with their work with ease.

The main benefit of using a Sound Stage is that you save a lot of time by getting several jobs done in one go, without needing to go back and sort out vocals and sound.

Will It Meet Your Needs?

Once you have booked your Sound Stage, you won’t be given a small soundproofed room. The Stages are very large and will allow you and your team to set up a variety of sets to meet your requirements. You won’t be short of room and will have room for multiple sets and cast members to be on the go at the same time. Improving the speed of production and maintaining an excellent quality.

Why hesitate?

Why not visit Goya Studios website and have a look for yourself at all the benefits of using one of their Sound Stages. Save time and money on your production, getting it all done in one place at one time, no more messing around booking multiple locations for one shot, just click on the link; https://goyastudios.com/Los-Angeles-Sound-Stage/.

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