Top 5 Best Interior Design Apps

Whether you are a professional designer or you are simply renovating your bedroom, a workman is only as good as their tools. There are so many useful interior design apps out there nowadays that arming yourself with just a few of them can help improve the organisation and the quality of your end product exponentially.

1.    Whatpaint ($1.99)

Whatpaint Interior Design Apps

Anybody even remotely familiar with DIY knows that there are thousands of different shades of even simple colours like beige (and all with ridiculous names like magnolia or eggshell). Keeping track of which brand and which shade of paint you use is important because no matter how similar two shades may look, substituting one for another can land you in a hot mess. Whatpaint allows you to create a record of paints you use along with colour swatches and projects books that allow you to note down everything you paint from the baseboard to the coving. An invaluable tool if you are painting multiple rooms in a house.

2. Pinterest (free)

Pinterest Interior Design Apps

Pinterest is not only a tool just for interior designers, but it can be their greatest weapon because it is a one stop shop of ideas, inspiration and manuals. Pinterest allows you to create pinboards with various pictures, links and text to help organise a project at the same time as providing inspiration and guidance. Truly a great organising system with the added bonus of being completely inspirational (and did we mention free?)

3. Houzz Interior Design Ideas (free)

Houzz Interior Design Ideas Interior Design Apps

Designed to virtualise the practice of clipping photos from design magazines, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is a massively popular app for both iPad and iPhone that goes above and beyond in providing ideas and inspiration for home design. Houzz has the makings of a social network in the way that it connects its users and allows them to pose their own interior design questions. All in all, it is perhaps the best interior decorating app for enthusiasts.

4. IKEA Catalog (free)

IKEA Catalog Interior Design Apps

IKEA has managed the feat of making cheap flat-pack furniture fashionable, meaning that its catalogue is particularly popular. Unlike simply surfing IKEA’s website, the catalogue hosts a variety of styling options for its furniture, giving you inspiration if you happen to be sourcing furniture from IKEA. What is best about IKEA’s catalogue is that the designs within (much like IKEA’s furniture) are simply and no-nonsense. Unlike many interior design catalogues that are made to look ultra-professional, IKEA’s has a homely feel that you feel you yourself could replicate.

5. ELLE Decor Lookbook (free)

ELLE Decor Lookbook Interior Design Apps 

Elle Decor’s arrival as an app was highly anticipated by designers and design-lovers, and luckily the result didn’t disappoint. Designed for iPad, the beautiful optimised app is a joy to use and really makes the process of flicking through photos easy and intuitive. Browse hundreds of professional interior design image sets, look up expert advice and store all your favourite inspiration in-app. Lookbook is simple and effective, and it is a sure purchase if you love ELLE and its editorial stylings.

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