Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Cases

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the top gadgets these days and that is the reason Samsung Galaxy cases are selling like hot cakes. A lot of manufacturers are producing these cases. Bog names like Otterbox and Case-Mate are also producing these covers and cases. The covers designed by these companies are not only stylish, but they are durable too. You can get one according to your taste. If you are planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S 3, its good that you get a cover in advance. Here are few top covers and cases for S3, which will make the selection easier for you.

Here is Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Cases :

Ted Baker “Hollon Birdie” Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

Ted Baker Hollon Birdie Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

This is a great cover for nature lovers, its pink and color and will look nice on your Smartphone. It has a dainty bird design, while the background is pink in color. It’s not all about looks rather you have to protect your expensive gadget. It’s really comfortable to use and not really bulky too. If you want to recharge your battery, there is no need to remove this cover. This case is available in affordable price. You can get it in just 29.95 pounds. It will give a stylish look to your personality and a great choice to protect your Smartphone too.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather CaseProfessional people love leather a case, either it is on a laptop or Smartphone. This leather case is an ideal choice for your Smartphone, as it is available for 29.95 pounds only. This case is manufactured with tough leather, which is pure. The designing is not really attractive, or fancy. However, it is really easy to use, you have to just flip the cover if you have to use your phone. This is a protective cover, which is really durable too. If you need a practical cover, it’s an ideal choice. It will fit to your Samsung Galaxy S3 like second skin.

Quicksilver ‘Echo Beach’ Samsung Galaxy S3 case Quicksilver Echo Beach Samsung Galaxy S3 case


If you are looking for fun oriented cases and covers, this case is ideal for you. It will fit it your Samsung Galaxy S3. You can get this case in many vibrant colors. It has a pattern of small square on it. QuickSilver logo is also visible on the case, which looks cool. If you are looking for this case, you have to place your order in advance. The price of this phone is 14.95 pounds. Echo Beach is an ideal cover for young people. The affordable price makes it more loveable. Get this amazing cover and protect your S3 in delightful ways.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘Pencils’ Case Pencils Case Samsung Galaxy S3


This is a great cover for those who are looking for colorful covers, which are stylish as well. This innovative design is attractive and looks pretty cool. This design is unusual as it looks that many coloring pencils are incorporated. If you look it from the distance, it gives a much better appearance. It is made of tough material, which can protect your phone in a better way. Your S3 will be safe from scratches and any kind of damage. The price of this case is 14.95 pounds. This reasonable price make it an ideal choice for your expensive gadget.

Ted Baker ‘Jasone’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Case


Ted Baker Jasone Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

It is a part of the latest collection by ted baker. The collection is called as Autumn and Winter 2012 collection”. This cover is created for young boys, as you can see Logo by Ted Baker in this case. On the other hand, it’s really soft and you will find it comfortable to use. It will look great on your Smartphone. If we compare the price, being a branded cover, its slightly expansive but yet its affordable. You will be paying 29.95 pounds for this stylish cover. If you are buying it for Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s not really much.

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