Top 5 WordPress SEO Plug-Ins in 2013

If you want to achieve success in the area of SEO, then you surely need those SEO Plug-ins for your WP blog. Thanks to them you will make your WP even more powerful and if you know how to use them properly you can be 100% sure that the success will come. In no time you will “climb” into Google’s top pages.

WordPress SEO

As you know more than 55% of the sites worldwide are running WordPress and thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can be sure that you will have success as well.

Below you will find top 5 WordPress SEO Plug-ins :

1. WP SEO by Yoast

This is one of the favorite WP users SEO plug-in simply because it is very powerful and it has proven its qualities lots of times. It is considered to be “all-in-one” plug-in including variety of settings and options which are pretty helpful.  It also includes page analysis and many other features that you haven’t used so far but are yet pretty important. It will help you optimize your images titles, content, meta descriptions and lots of more things.

2. ClickBumb SEO Premium Plug-in

This software is widely known as well. Thanks to which you will be able to optimize the traffic to your page simply because it has everything you need in order to make your page one of Google’s top in your niche. Other great advantage here is that is supports WordPress 3.4 which lots of SEO plug-ins don’t. So if you are using this version, make sure that you will get this incredible SEO plug-in.

3. Scribe SEO

Imagine the following situation. You are performing your research and once you are done, there is a special plug-in thanks to which content analysis will be provided and you will have the chance to check your writing alignment and other important things that will help your page. Well, lucky for you this is why Scribe SEO does. It will help you realize whether or not your content is qualitative enough and in case it is not, you will have the chance to fix it and improve your web page.

4. SEOPRESSOR premium

Now this is the type of plug-in which is a must. If you are completely serious and you want to go to Google’s top page, then you definitely need this plug-in. It will definitely help you do so, and our advice is not to waste your time because the prices of this plug-in are increasing daily. This is why you need to do the best in the situation here and make sure that you will purchase it as fast as you can.

5. SEO friendly images

This is pretty useful plug-in which will save you lots of time. It will basically automatically update all of the images with suitable ALT and TITLE names and all this for your SEO purposes. So even if you don’t have ALT and TITLE, SEOPRESSOR will add them and set their options in the best way possible.

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