Top 6 Math Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects to handle and this is why the iTunes app store has numerous apps that can support students their number work. However, there are a few top notch apps that cater for people tackling a higher level of mathematics. These tools are tried and tested and can offer great help to any user. We have scoured the app store and here are the top 6 math apps for iPhone.

The Best Math Apps for iPhone

1. Free Graphic Calculator

This is without a doubt the best iOS math app available in the market today. Apart from an integrated unit calculator, this app features a list of constants and a math reference book. These three tools alongside a user friendly interface can give you an upper edge when you’re tackling complex calculations. Furthermore, it comes handy in an exam room.

Free Graphic Calculator math apps

Using the graphing calculator is quite simple and it is easily accessible for all and sundry. Additionally, this marvelous app can also be put to use when handling other disciplines such as physics.

2. Math Studio

This is a complete iOS math app that can help you handle any calculation. It’s a creative and comprehensive app that focuses on process and dialog. It can solve any number work you throw at it and it is pretty simple to use. in addition to that, it comes with improved math functions and its interface has an updated search menu that can help you to rearrange entries. Though a little expensive, Math Studio is versatile and a must have calculator app.

Math Studio math apps

3. MeStudying: Algebra 1

Algebra can be daunting but the good news is that there is a tool that can help you study and learn this discipline at your own pace. This math app has numerous features that help you to choose topics and interact with challenging questions that can help you reinforce the concepts you’ve already learnt. Its easy navigation, immediate feedback and an integrated reference guide makes it one of the greatest tools for reviewing and preparing for an exam.

MeStudying Algebra 1 math apps

4. Symbolic Calculator

This iOS math app comes with algebra capabilities and high-end scientific calculators that allow you to perform complex calculations. Its great environment offers a clear view of what you’re doing. Furthermore, is has the ability to plot graphs and its formulas are displayed in the “natural” form. The symbolic calculator has other numerous features that can make life a whole lot easier.

Symbolic Calculator math apps

5. iMaths

If you have a problem with theory or you can’t recall the long mathematical theorems and formulas; this is the app for you. iMaths for iPad holds about 1900 formulas, covering about all the mathematical fields. You can organize and group the formulas in different category levels, thus make it easy for you to retrieve them easily and quickly. Additionally, you can add more formulas and notes to help you have a good grasp of this subject.

iMaths math apps

6. Mathematics – Oxford Dictionary

This is a mathematical dictionary with more than 3000 entries. This demonstrates how far the app stretches to cover every corner of mathematics including the pure, applied and statistical branches. The entries are arranged alphabetically, offering crystal clear, jargon-free definitions of all mathematical terms.

Mathematics - Oxford Dictionary math apps

The afore-mentioned top 6 math apps for iPhone are indispensable for students handling a great deal and complex number work. They will most definitely help you earn extra credits in your mathematics test.

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