Top Christmas Decorations Ideas for Guys

Even geeks love Christmas, maybe even more-so than many of the rest of us and this means that they should have their say when it comes to adding festive cheer. Luckily for them there are plenty of great tech decorations and additions for Christmas, all of which brighten up the tree and also are assured to keep the inner geek delighted. So, let’s look at the best tech for Christmas trees.

Computer Mouse Decoration

One company has taken the upcycling thing a step further and turned an old computer mouse into a Christmas tree decoration. AMoonShadow hand painted the item and added bows to turn it into a quite attractive Christmas tree decoration. It’s all about having a traditional Christmas they say, not with this decoration.

Staying with the theme, ThinkGeek decided on turning Motherboards into Christmas ornaments by recycling them and cutting them into a variety of shapes and adding colours to them. The end results are quite cool and the contrasts of colour very interesting and also strangely festive.

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Star Wars

Of course, it’s always a necessity to have a Star Wars related item if you are a lover of tech, so how about a Boba Fett and Han Christmas decoration? Replace Fett’s gun for a candy cane and warp up Han in a nice package and you have an item that’s perfect for a Christmas tree.

If you want to see something more on the side of good than evil, then why not get a Yoda Christmas tree topper. It’s a good way to ensure security knowing that Yoda is watching you from the highest point of your home.

The Perfect Tree

For the wealthy, sometimes not even technology cuts it and one man in Ohio is willing to offer it. Through using a range of expensive techniques the Ohio native is claiming to offer the perfect Christmas tree, though at a $2,500 sum. The trees which are over 18feet high are handpicked from a wood in North Carolina and cared for extensively before being purchased by wealthy individuals.

Christmas Tree Grenades

Why not really add some fire to your Christmas tree with a Grenade Christmas Tree decoration pack. These grenade replicas attach to the tree via a pin and make for an interesting and fun take on Christmas tree decorations. They’re just a little different than the usual baubles and are certain to be part of the table conversation.

Christmas is a special time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be about just tinsel and fairies as these items show.

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