Top Planning Apps For Brides To Be

Planning a wedding from start to finish has many challenges. At the commencement of the planning stage, things can spiral out of control and brides often become engulfed with feelings of overwhelming pressure and anxiety. Planning can be made much easier by the use of the many wedding apps available.

Best Planning Apps For Brides :

1. myPantone Wedding & Events

These colour experts work in collaboration with wedding style specialists to help you coordinate accessories and apparel in all colour shades. There are thousands of images to choose from which can be customised to suit your ideas. You can use your own photos or import images. This iOS app is all about creative and colourful styleboards developed specifically for the mobile platform. Use the styleboard to create your perfect venue, cake and décor. These images can then be shared with family, friends and your event planner.

myPantone Wedding & Events

2. Wedding Budget

This free app will make it easy to keep track of absolutely all monetary expenses. There are plenty of tools to manage your budget and monitor expenses. A graph will depict your overall spending in an easy to view format.

Wedding Budget

3. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

The Knot website has a huge following. Now you can install this app and access everything that the website has to offer. This free app will help you organise your budget, your ideas and put in place a complete checklist for your wedding day. You will have access to hundreds of wedding dresses and thousands of ideas, as well as hints on gift registry, hairstyles and cakes. There is also a budget tracker and wedding checklist.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

4. Seating Planner

Instead of stressing about personalities and dynamics between family and friends, this seating planner app can create the ideal seating arrangement. You can import guests from Facebook or your iPhone contacts. This app also allows you to keep track of RSVPs and you can export the entire plan as a PDF to give to your venue or event management company.

iBridal Gown

5. iBridal Gown

Shopping for a wedding gown can at times be an overwhelming and exhausting experience. This app installs a flipbook where you can view wedding dresses side by side and share the photos with friends. It gives in depth detail about the designer, the style, fabric and price. This is the perfect app to shop and compare. Time will be saved and frustration kept to a minimum with this app.

iBridal Gown

6. Wedding Registry

This app has the ability to scan and store items from any store or website and add to your registry. It will also sort products into categories and as soon as a guest has purchased an item, it will give you an automatic update so there are no duplications of gifts. You can easily share your registry with friends and family using a group ID. It also allows you to select what colour you would like the item in. Regular updates ensure your registry is always current.

Wedding Registry

Take advantage of the apps available, many of which are free. They are easy to download and you will find them so convenient. Brides often have a hectic schedule, trying to juggle so many things at once, and apps can be used literally ‘on the run’. No spare minute will be wasted in the goal to organise the ideal wedding.

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