Top PlayStation Games You Shouldn’t Miss in 2015

Sometimes we want to dive into unreal world of games that helps us relax and forget about the tedious and mundane daily routine. PlayStation games are made in realistic manner and create a feeling of absolute presence. Games turn us into risky and adventurous men. We don’t think about consequences of our behavior, because we don’t have to, a game allows us to do everything. Nowadays game market provides a huge range of games that are available at a really low price. However, I don’t advise to buy cheap games, because their quality might not satisfy you. Choose a game carefully, think about a genre of a game you like, level of brutality and violence and certainly pay attention to graphics of the game. Here are top PlayStation games you definitely should try:

Shadow of Mordor

For those who are obsessed with Tolkien’s saga Lord of the rings, a game with title Shadow of Mordor will be the best bet. The story in this game reflects the general myth of Tolkien books, the characters and their behavior here are more power-hungry, conniving and blood-thirsty in comparison to those villains in the books. The scenes with violent orcs in the game are as impressive and nail-biting as they appear in the movie.

In terms of setting and character design this game is absolutely gorgeous. Incredible number of details that went into the character designs and animation are placed into High Tech level. The sounds of the game are so realistic, that you can’t help turning around in search for a monster hiding behind your back. So, if you want to be empowered with extraordinary abilities and take vengeance on your enemies, though virtually, you will never regret playing Shadow of Mordor. Find financing Sony PlayStation to purchase a brand new gaming platform and enjoy this fantastic game to the max.


The next game is for those who like shooters. Its name Destiny and it is considered to be the most ambitious and content-rich shooter game in its field. This game offers an avid gamer beautiful landscapes, excellent graphic design and dynamic plot. This game never lets you get bored, it is full of content and interesting in action when you choose to play with a friend.


Minecraft is the good choice for kids. It is not a new idea of a game as it is an enhanced version with new settings and graphics. With a great amount of constructing materials in this game your children can build anything they want and also to expand their imagination.

Alien: Isolation

If horror games are obsession, so welcome to incredible best horror game Alien: Isolation. The story is taken from original 1979 movie and incarnates in virtual world all the nightmares and horrors that you can see in the movie. The scary atmosphere of the game will keep you in tension during the all game. The sounds are so phenomenal and natural, that you will be amazed, for sure. In this game you will never see a lot of gore, but you actually don’t need it to be scared to death.

Don’t forget to follow the news from PlayStation’s games field and you definitely will always play the most interesting, contented, beautiful games.

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