Top SEO Trends Expected in 2017

Columbus SEO firms don’t have time for a rest as every new week, month and year they need to get familiar with new search engine optimization trends that will help them improve the search engine relevance of their projects, as well as of the websites SEO firms manage for their clients. We are just a few weeks into 2017, and we are already starting to see how some of the new SEO trends are forming, but which are the ones that are worth your attention? The question is answered below as we have compiled a list of the top SEO Trends 2017 that you should follow if you want to keep your projects on top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Voice Search Is More Important Than You Might Think

Over 50% of the global Internet traffic is generated through mobile devices, and most of you are probably well aware that many mobile users prefer voice search over the traditional text search. Microsoft has Cortana, Apple has Siri, and Google has Google Now. However, mobile devices are not the only gadgets to offer voice search, as Windows 10 now features Cortana as a voice assistant. This means that even computer users may start to rely on voice search, and this is something you have to take into consideration when building your SEO plans for 2017. Voice searches are a lot more different than text searches, because they usually involve longer sentences (or search terms), and often users prefer to form their search queries as a question. These are all things that matter, and you must make sure to keep voice search in your mind while preparing your web content and SEO campaign.

Snippets & Rich Answers Are Prevailing on Google

Search engines are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience, and if you consider yourself to be an SEO guru, then you need to make sure that you follow with their latest updates. In 2016 Google significantly improved some of its search results by displaying rich answers and snippets that provide the user with the important parts of the information they were looking for. To do this, you need to add or drastically improve the structured data markup on your website, so that search engines will be able to interpret your content better, and generate the rich snippets and answers for the SERP. (search engine result pages).

Mobile Marketing & AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

We already mentioned that most of the Intenret traffic is generated through mobile devices, and this is the reason why mobile marketing and performance are still the things that you should put on top of your task list. This trend has been around for a few years, but AMP is the new thing for 2017. Furthermore, Google recently announced their plans to greatly the quality of their SERPs for mobile users, and that’s another good reason to pay special attention to the mobile version of your pages and content.

Speed Is Always Top Priority

Website loading speed and performance is important not just for user experience, but for search engine crawlers as well. A  well-performing website will allow search engines to index the content quickly and more efficiently. To achieve this, you must take the necessary actions to optimize images, minify the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features on your website, as well as to significantly reduce the amounts of ads and pop-ups showed on mobile devices. Most of you probably already know this, but it is important to mention it – Flash is an obsolete technology that is insecure and is not liked by neither users nor search engines.

Cross-Channel Marketing Provides Users With a Seamless Experience

Cross-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing are two entirely different things. Multi-channel marketing is less efficient, and it requires less time to maintain. As in the mean time, cross-channel marketing means maintaining your online presence on all online platforms you use to promote your content. This does not just benefit search engines, but it also significantly improves user experience by allowing them to experience your content in the same way, regardless of the device or platform they use.

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