7 Ways to Use Twitter for Online Business Success

Twitter has gained much popularity over the years and rightly so, millions of people globally are using this network for socializing. But there are more purposes for which it can be used. Amongst them, an important one is business promotion. Here are some ways in which Twitter can be used for online business success actually.


Connecting with Customers:

Businesses have the advantage of the fact that most of their customers use twitter. This way they can get to know about what the customers think about their services. If customers share a bad review with others then the business knows that there is a need of correction somewhere.

Branding and Marketing:

Branding and marketing are amongst the most important business activities. A new business can experiment with a brand name, a logo and a tag line to see what people think of them. If the trial is given thumbs up; then the business can start marketing the brand on larger scale over the twitter network. Marketing over twitter does not cost anything to the promoter until and unless a person is hired to promote on the behalf of that Business.

Feedback from Customers:

Feedback is very valuable for any business in order to increase the quality and value of the goods and services provided by it. The customers who use Twitter and share the network with the business administrators can tell them about what needs to be improved and what not.

Business News:

Businesses can provide important information and news over Twitter for people to know about the happenings. An example to that is that when a business raises or decreases the prices of a product or intends giving some discounts on a product then this news can be shared over the network for others to see. This is an excellent way to keep the followers of a brand aware of the brand situations.

Coupon Distribution:

Coupon codes are actually discounts that are offered to customers or potential customers as a part of business’s promotion strategy. These coupons and discounts can be distributed over the network of Twitter with an advantage of a large audience. More is the audience, better the chance is for the success of a coupon code based Promotion.

Keeping an Eye Out for Competition:

When one business is using the network for promotion and feedback, then obviously others are doing it too. This becomes a way to keep an eye on the business strategies and activities of other businesses. One can simply learn for their own business by looking at other business from a customer’s view point. It is a great way of corporate learning for new businesses.

Increasing Sales and Brand Loyalty:

A business can increase the number of sales using Twitter by simply making more people aware of their goods and services. And at the same time, the business can keep the current customers interested in order to maintain their brand loyalty. For this, the business can let the customers have what they want, that is, good promotion, discounts and value added services.

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